League Rules


  • 3 players per team are on the field
  • Each team plays 3 – 15 minute matches per night against the same opponent
  • Games begin with a drop ball, each team gets 1 time-out during each 15-minute match
  • No Segway contact, no hitting walls, and stay within the boundary lines
  • Goal zones are for defensive players only. If a ball is hit by an offensive player in a goal zone, then a free hit will be given to the defensive team
  • Substitutions are allowed during stops in gameplay


  • Collision = Free hit for opposing team
  • Player moving at greater speed is at fault during collision. Players should always be exercising control, and those who are moving faster must exercise more control and awareness.
  • Same speed collision = warning to both players and drop ball
  • If a player hits a wall = warning
  • 3 Warnings/Penalties = Player’s Segway maximum speed is reduced for set time (referee’s discretion)


If a team does not have at minimum 3 players upon 10-minutes into the designated game time, the first match is a forfeit. In place, a scrimmage will occur. As additional matches are due, forfeitures will continue to occur if less than 3 players are present.

Note: Play surfaces will potentially vary, and out of bounds rules will come into effect on fields with no walls.